Wednesday, 29 September 2010

You Know What Time It Is.

Obligatory tits;


I play everything from RTS, to FPS, to sports games. For a full-ish list, see my xfire profile.

Currently I mostly play Battlefield Bad Company 2, and a little TF2 or L4D2 from time to time; all PC master race, naturally.

Feel free to add me in BC2 if you like. If you want to add me on steam just shoot a message and I'll give you my addy. I mostly only play TF2/L4D2 on Steam, and I used to be big into CS:S back in the day, but would be up for a game sometime.

So, what games do you play bros?

Post below!


  1. BF2 is on sale for 19.99$ today I believe, wish I had the cash for it to play with you!

  2. I wish my computer could run BF:BC2

  3. It's a great game, the vietnam expansion is coming out soon too; I'm looking forward to the vietnam-era gameplay and soundtrack I must admit. I'll post the trailer for it, and most likely a review once I buy it.