Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Read this (Please)


Filthy Bastards. Now that I have your attention, fine scholars, feel free to read on.

This is the first post on my blog (durr). Best make it a good one, or my 1 follower might just lose interest.

So, what the hell is this blog all about? Well I'll give you the low-down.

I will most likely be posting interesting anecdotes about my daily encounters, as well as memorable events that have happened to me in the past; perhaps a collection of humourous quotes too short to warrant an entire post on their own.

I will also be posting reviews (and then some, if you know what I mean. eh? eh..?) of music, television, and other "media-related material" I happen to come across in my travels (cough).

I may review the odd piece of technology I buy; be that a new phone, a television, a PC game or even a SNES game. I'm undecided on all of this thus far, so we'll see what I can be bothered doing / what you fucks want, shall we?

I'll also definitely be linking to interesting shit I find online, which could range from being a blog I deem worthy of posting, to some hardcore midget wrestling porn bloopers.

The world is my osyter, and I, good sirs, intend to shit in that oyster.

I may also be soliciting the help of my close pals to keep the blog updated if they feel like it (you lazy wankers,) I guess we'll just have to see how that pans out though. Or not. Whatever.

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