Tuesday, 19 October 2010


We all have preferences in life. Some of us like our egg yokes hard, others like them soft. Some ladies wax their legs, while others shave. Some of you prefer the efficiency of a German Audi over the exoticness of an Italian Ferrari.

My question to you gentlemen is this; what is your preference in terms of (sexual) partners? I'm assuming you're all classy scholars, so I expect to see a wide variety of tastes and styles. We're not really talking about your one night stand preferences, those are boring; I want to know your long-term relationship partner preferences.

We're talking looks, interests, personality types, style, beliefs, the lot.

My preferences are;
  • Petite and cute; preferably brunette, though I also enjoy blondes and girls with unnaturally dyed hair (i.e. vibrant red / peroxide blonde - provided she can pull it off )
  • Good sense of style and hygiene is a must
  • Interest in literature and film
  • Fairly fucked-up sense of humour (can handle my "politically incorrect" jokes and remarks, as well as my laughing at the misfortune of others [video related])
  • Easy-going; doesn't stress out too easily, can just chill out and take life as it comes
  • Loves music, gigs, and clubbing.
  • Fairly liberal in terms of political leanings / lifestyle choices (i.e. OK with recreational drug use, drinking alcohol recreationally, sex before marriage, accepting of homosexual relationships, etc.)
  • Introverted, but able to stand up for her beliefs when challenged.
I've been in a relationship for the best part of a year now, and pretty much all of my boxes have been ticked. I'm a rather lucky man and I know it.

Get posting your ideal partner preferences gentlemen. This is the man/woman you could be spending the rest of your life with, so choose carefully.

Some cute brunettes for you to gawk at;

This gave me a good chuckle, enjoy:


  1. my preference is for my women to be younger than 30

  2. very sexy. Glad I got such a beautiful girl

  3. I can pretty much go for any girl. It just depends on how well she carries herself and works to be attractive.

  4. "Taste is not the same as appetite, and therefore not a question of morals." :3

    I like them European. Germans are sexy.

  5. hell yeah.. petite and cute for me too

  6. women are just som beautiful... il ike em all! or at least most of em haha

  7. great stuff on this blog!